Truth About Dental Implants: Myths and Facts

Truth About Dental Implants: Myths and Facts

April 1, 2023

If you happen to have one or several missing teeth, your dentist will recommend that you get a replacement for the missing teeth. One of the most preferred dental replacement options is tooth implants, dentures, and dental bridges. Dental implants have the highest success rate among the three options and offer a more permanent solution. This blog will explain more about why implants are a good choice and will also seek to clarify and dispel some of the myths about dental implants.

Myths Surrounding Dental Implants

Here are some of the common myths and misconceptions about teeth implants and the implant procedure.

Myth #1: Teeth implants are exclusively cosmetic

Although it needs to be clarified whether the early dental implant pioneers were going for function or aesthetics, one thing that you can be certain of is that missing several teeth will alter your smile appearance and causes bone loss. When you lose a tooth, the jawbone receives little positive stress and stimulation, causing it to degrade and reabsorb back to your body, and as it recedes, your cheeks and mouth lose structural support causing your face to have a sunken appearance.

Dental implants near you will replicate your missing tooth’s root structure, restoring your smile’s beauty and preventing bone tissue loss. So, this rules out the myth that dental implant use is just for cosmetic purposes.

Myth #2: Implants are only designed for elderly people

According to statistics, tooth loss is more prevalent in older people, particularly those aged 65 and 74. This means that you may find that most people with implants are the elderly, but this does not necessarily mean that they are exclusively for the aged. Regardless of age, you can still benefit from dental implants if you are an adult.

Myth #3: The implant tooth is weak compared to the natural tooth

Implants are made from titanium, a biocompatible material that fuses with the jawbone during a process referred to as osseointegration. Thus, an implant tooth closely mirrors the appearance, structure, strength, and function similar to natural teeth.

Myth #4: A tooth implant procedure has a low rate of success

The success rate of implantology runs around 95 percent to 98 percent, thanks to a long history of trials and improvements in dental technology.

Myth #5: Teeth implants need special care

Once you successfully get teeth implants placed, taking care of them will be no different than how you normally maintain other dental restorations like dentures & bridges or your natural teeth. Your tooth implant can last for years with daily hygiene, occasional checkups, and prosthetic replacements.

Myth #6: The implant placement process is invasive and very painful

Although an implant placement requires oral surgery, modern numbing, surgical, and sedation techniques will maximize the patient’s comfort, promote healing, and lessen the pain.

Myth #7: Only people who have lost all teeth are eligible for dental implants

Implants can be a viable dental replacement option for anyone with one or more missing teeth. The dentist will place an implant on your jawbone and a customized tooth crown when replacing a single tooth. The expert will place 2 to 8 implants for multiple missing teeth to support a customized dental bridge.

6 Simple Facts You Should Know About Implants

Before getting implants, you should be aware of the following facts:

  • Implants have a natural look
  • They help prevent bone degradation/loss
  • The implant material is biocompatible with your bone
  • Implants are a long-lasting solution
  • If you get a tooth implant, you may need repairs with time
  • Implants are an affordable option for most people

The Takeaway

A good smile is an asset to any individual’s psychological, physical, and social well-being, and by investing in teeth implants, you get to restore one of your valuable assets, your teeth. Losing one or a couple of teeth to decay or trauma can negatively impact your chewing abilities, general body health, and also your self-esteem. By choosing to get your dental implants in Irvine, CA, you can enjoy a long-lasting dental replacement option that guarantees to restore your smile.

If you are still trying to convince yourself that dental implants are the best option to replace your missing teeth, you can visit Premium Dental clinic and discuss your concerns and preferences with our dentist in Irvine, CA. Oak Creek residents looking for dental services can visit Premium Dental, conveniently located nearby.