Things to Know before Getting Clear Aligners

Things to Know before Getting Clear Aligners

June 1, 2022

Are you considering orthodontic treatment to correct your crooked and misaligned teeth? You might dislike traditional braces mounted over your teeth with wires and bands holding them together. Your dislike for conventional orthodontic treatments can encourage you to search for alternatives helpful for straightening your teeth.

If you research correctly, you will find no challenges locating clear aligners near you available to straighten your teeth as an alternative to traditional braces. Clear aligners have been around since the late 90s as a revolutionary therapy to straighten teeth using dental-grade transparent plastic clear aligners.

You, too, can have clear aligners for teeth straightening if your situation is not complicated and you don’t have complex problems of underbites, overbites, crossbites, open bites, gapped teeth, and crooked or crowded teeth. Unfortunately, if the complicated situation affects you, the dental office near Woodbridge, Irvine suggests relying on traditional orthodontic treatment.

If you qualify for clear aligners treatment, please do not assume things are all hunky-dory because you have a discreet method of straightening your teeth. There are some things you must know about clear aligners treatment before you decide on the therapy. The requirements are not challenging but require attention to ensure you succeed in your goal of having straighter teeth and a beautiful smile.

What Must You Know about Clear Aligners Treatment?

Remove Clear Aligners When Eating

You might rejoice with the information that you must remove the clear aligners from your mouth when eating. However, refrain from yourself because the removable feature is merely for eating and drinking anything but water. You must ensure you do not eat with the aligners over your teeth and brush before returning the aligners.

Clear Aligners Require Compliance

The removable feature of clear aligners in Irvine should encourage you to leave the braces out of your mouth. The aligners must remain on your teeth for at least 22 hours a day, and the removable feature is best used when eating and brushing. Ensure that you wear the aligners even when sleeping.

Expect Additional Attachments with Clear Aligners

If you think clear aligners are the only devices you will need during the treatment, as many patients do, you help yourself by making proper inquiries because many people might require multiple attachments or ridges to keep the aligners in place.

Clear Aligners Are Not Strain Resistant

Clear aligners are virtually invisible. However, the tiny attachments or ridges holding them in place are prone to staining. If you frequently consume coffee, red wine, and other staining beverages, ensure that you brush your teeth soon.

Expect to Brush More Often during the Day

When you have clear aligners to straighten your teeth, besides brushing in the morning and at night, you must also brush after every meal to prevent plaque buildup. The additional brushing will also minimize staining risks.


You can comfortably have clear liquids like sparkling water and cold water with clear aligners over your teeth. However, you must refrain from having hot beverages like tea and coffee because they can warp the aligners.

Do Not Consider Teeth Whitening during Your Therapy

If you, like many patients, consider teeth whitening when undergoing treatment with clear aligners to lift any stains on the attachments, you must refrain from doing so, although it is perfectly fine. Instead, teeth whitening treatments are best left until after completing your treatment.

Clear Aligners Treatment Has a Refinement Process

After you complete your treatment with clear aligners, kindly do not expect to flash your smile to everyone without aligners in your mouth. You can expect to wear some post-treatment refinement aligners to keep your stubborn teeth in position and guarantee an excellent result.

When undergoing clear aligner therapy, you must set realistic expectations and comply with the instructions of the dental office providing the treatment. Non-compliance delivers unsatisfactory results requiring you to continue your treatment longer with more aligners or revert to orthodontists for treatment with traditional braces.

As can be seen, the challenges of using clear aligners are merely related to compliance and do not require you to indulge in practices you are not accustomed to. Keep the information provided in this article if you wish to succeed with a revolutionary treatment that helps straighten teeth without a mouthful of metal.

Premium Dental is a provider of clear aligners in Irvine. If you wish to straighten your teeth with this revolutionary treatment, kindly contact the facility to evaluate your situation and proceed with the treatment.