Temporary Dental Crowns: Uses and Benefits

Temporary Dental Crowns: Uses and Benefits

October 13, 2022

Temporary crowns are tooth-shaped dental caps that help protect a natural tooth or implant until your permanent restoration is fabricated by the dental laboratory and cemented onto your tooth or dental implant.

If you have a missing, damaged, or decayed tooth that needs fixing, the local dentist in Irvine recommends having a dental crown over the tooth when setting it. However, you cannot get a permanent restoration over the tooth after preparation which involves tooth structure removal in a process requiring local anesthesia that weakens your existing tooth further. Therefore you receive a temporary acrylic crown over the tooth until the dentist has your customized restoration fabricated from the dental laboratory.

Temporary acrylic crowns are more delicate than permanent ones and require care when flossing or chewing while protecting your exposed tooth.

What Are the Uses of a Temporary Crown?

Temporary crowns are helpful when your natural tooth requires a traditional permanent crown. Fabricating permanent crowns require approximately three weeks for customization according to your specifications. The Irvine dentist places a temporary restoration over your tooth until the permanent crown is fabricated.

Temporary crowns are helpful to protect the exposed natural tooth, implant site, or gums. The provisional restorations help you smile without displaying gaps in your smile while limiting tooth and gum sensitivity. In addition, they help maintain proper spacing between your teeth and allow you to chew and eat. Most importantly, they help the dentist assess how the permanent restoration will function.

Temporary crowns help cover implants, a tooth that has undergone root canals recently, or a tooth repaired recently. Temporary crowns can be used on a single tooth or as bridges over one or more teeth.

Many dental offices have invested in CEREC technology to make dental crowns in one visit. However, in most cases, you might have to wait three weeks before getting a permanent crown.

How Long Must You Have the Temporary Restoration over Your Tooth?

Two to three Weeks is the time the temporary restoration will likely remain on your tooth. The extent of dental work needed determines how long the temporary crown remains on your tooth. For example, if you are getting dental crowns in Irvine to replace missing teeth over dental implants, you might have the temporary crown in your mouth for three to six months until the implant heals for you to have a permanent crown over it.

Benefits of Temporary Crowns

The shape and color of the temporary restoration resemble your natural teeth. The Irvine dentist uses updated technology to select the shape of the traditional crown to fit your mouth perfectly. The dentist also ensures they carefully match the shade of your permanent crown to match your remaining teeth. The impression of your teeth is forwarded to the dental laboratory to fabricate dental crowns near me for your damaged or missing teeth.

Unfortunately, temporary dental crowns will not likely be perfect because they are created only for a short time. Furthermore, the color of the temporary restoration may not match your remaining teeth because of the materials used to fabricate it. In addition, temporary crowns are bonded to your tooth with temporary cement.

The temporary crown remains fully functional, allowing you to chew generally, although you must avoid chewing hard, complex, or sticky foods. For example, the dentist refrains you from eating steak or tough meat, hard and crunchy foods and vegetables, chewing gum, popcorn, et cetera until you get your permanent restoration over the tooth. In addition, you must avoid having scorching or freezing foods that might affect the temporary cement holding the temporary crown. However, the primary purpose of having a temporary crown is to protect the weakened tooth after preparation by removing tooth enamel and preserving your natural tooth, which it does efficiently.

Caring for Your Temporary Crown

Temporary crowns require extra care than permanent crowns. You must be careful when flossing to ensure you do not dislodge the temporary restoration. You help yourself by sliding dental floss in and out instead of pulling it down. You must also exercise caution when brushing your teeth and do so gently. You must maintain your oral hygiene routine and keep the area around the temporary restoration clean.

Temporary crowns function as placeholders for your permanent crown before cementing them. They appear similar to your remaining teeth, although not perfectly matched like your permanent crown will likely be. The function of the temporary crown is to protect your tooth and gums and remain in your mouth for approximately three weeks before removal for placement of the permanent crown.

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