Laser Dentistry in Irvine, CA

Laser Dentistry in Irvine, CA

The advancement of dental technology in the past few years has provided dentists with a faster way of performing procedures while also reducing discomfort and providing quicker healing times. At Premium Dental, our dentists use laser dentistry to treat teeth, gums, and other procedures.

What are Dental Lasers?

Although lasers were once only seen in science fiction movies, they are no longer part of the future as they are used in more and more dentists’ offices today. A laser is a piece of dental equipment that uses an intense light beam on soft or hard tissues during treatments. For instance, a laser can cut through the enamel to remove decay or cauterize blood vessels during treatments, which means less bleeding.

Our dentists in Irvine, CA, use lasers for many treatments like:

  • Scaling & Root Planing
  • Frenectomies
  • Gum Disease Treatments
  • Cold Sore Removals

Our Use of Advanced Technology

Another piece of advanced technology that helps us treat you or your family is the KaVo DIAGNOdent® Pen. This small instrument, which looks like a writing pen, helps find decay in patients’ mouths. When cavities are just forming, they can be difficult for the x-rays to detect, much less a dental office in Irvine doing a visual inspection. This instrument can find them, and we can use our lasers to treat them.

Advantages of Laser Usage

There are several advantages to using dental lasers over traditional treatments. For some treatments, dentists once used drills, and the sound unnerved many patients. However, with lasers, the volume of the sounds they make has volume control so that the patient doesn’t hear it.

Also, some treatments could cause pain during the dental procedures and healing process. Since cutting instruments are not needed, the treatments cause less discomfort, and patients don’t need much anesthesia.

Unlike using instruments like scalpels, dental probes, or other metal tools, a laser is sterile and won’t cause infections. Metal dental tools need disinfecting after every use, and accidentally missed, they can pass germs from one patient to another. Spreading germs can cause severe complications for some patients.

If you need an exam, filling, or deep teeth cleaning, book an appointment with our dentists at Premium Dental. We are adjacent to the Woodbridge, Irvine, making it a convenient location for residents. We can ensure quick, sterile treatments with our laser dentistry in Irvine, CA.