Five Benefits of Teeth Whitening at Dental Office

Five Benefits of Teeth Whitening at Dental Office

March 1, 2022

If you have a beautiful smile, you can light up a room with your presence because your pearly whites will entirely change the way you think about yourself. However, when you are not confident with your teeth, the resultant effects impact different areas of your life. Fortunately, teeth whitening near you is an option you can consider if you are unhappy with your smile.

If you have apprehensions about teeth whitening treatments and are undecided, please read the information below to learn how teeth whitening benefits you.

The Causes of Discoloration of Your Teeth

There are many reasons why you may develop discolored teeth. However, teeth discoloration is broadly categorized into two varieties. The stains on your teeth may appear similar but are different. If you have failed to whiten your teeth using home remedies, you will undoubtedly notice a difference when you visit the dental office near you seeking a cure for your discolored teeth.

Teeth discoloration exists in two varieties intrinsic and extrinsic.

Extrinsic discoloration results from the foods and beverages you have besides smoking, and the stains affect your tooth enamel the exterior surface of your teeth. Intrinsic discoloration results from inside the tooth and develops from ailments, aging, injuries, medicines, and childhood illness.

If these issues are causing the discoloration, you may not find the results you desire from home remedies. The better option for you is to seek teeth whitening in Irvine because it is the only way to brighten your teeth genuinely.

What does Professional Teeth Whitening Entail?

When you seek professional teeth whitening, the Irvine cosmetic dentist near University Park records the current shade of your teeth. Next, you receive dental training to remove plaque and tartar from the surface.

After cleaning your teeth, the dentist applies a whitening ingredient containing hydrogen peroxide to the surface of your teeth. Whitening treatments from the dentist are usually accompanied by light or lasers for peroxide activation.

The solution remains on your teeth for approximately 30 minutes to an hour, along with the heat or light. At the end of an hour, you rinse your teeth and receive a fluoride treatment to reduce sensitivity. Additional visits may become necessary to achieve the results you desire.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening at Dental Office

Teeth whitening treatments have no adverse effects because you cannot go wrong by merely trying to whiten your teeth. However, some benefits undoubtedly accrue when you complete the treatment from a dental office in Irvine. They are:

  1. Comprehensive Whitening

You can rely on professional teeth whitening from a dentist because dental professionals have comprehensive knowledge about your dental anatomy and understand precisely what they must do to provide excellent results. Although at-home remedies are popular because of their low prices, they don’t deliver any results. At best, you can use that home remedies for weeks or months and find your teeth looking the same as before.

  1. Treatments You Can Trust

When you purchase teeth whitening kits over-the-counter, you invest in a generic product created for everyone and not personalized for you. In-office whitening treatments from dentists are personalized and deliver instant results, brightening your teeth by three to eight shades in approximately an hour. The treatments don’t cause any sensitivity because the soft tissues of your mouth are protected by the dental professional. Therefore you can trust professional teeth whitening treatments.

  1. Enhanced Self-Confidence

The new smile you achieve from teeth whitening will entirely change your confidence making your teeth look better and not leaving you self-conscious about smiling. Hiding your teeth is practically impossible, even by raising your palms. However, when you get your teeth whitened by a professional, you become confident to show them off as a trophy without being scared of talking or smiling.

  1. Faster Results

Home teeth whitening treatments require weeks or months before you even notice any changes. Fortunately, professional teeth whitening changes the appearance of your teeth and smile within the hour. Over-the-counter products are inexpensive, but you get what you pay for.

  1. Improved Appearance

A brighter smile entirely changes the way you appear. A smile with whitened teeth can make you appear youthful and even reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Wouldn’t you like to improve your overall impression in one hour by getting teeth whitening treatments from dental professionals? We are confident you will jump at the opportunity to enhance your teeth, smile, and overall appearance by visiting the best dentist in Irvine for teeth whitening.

If you are convinced of the benefits teeth whitening can offer, we recommend you schedule an appointment with Premium Dental to have your teeth whitened today.